Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's chat, shall we?

We've all been there… it's 3 o'clock in the morning, stressed out and fed up you just have to get something off your chest. It could be anything. Maybe you haven't been getting constructive feedback on your project. Maybe there is a new policy you don't agree with, or maybe they just haven't been stocking your favorite candy bar in the vending machine (if that last one pushes you over the edge, might be time to go home and get some sleep). A brief exclamation resonates through the studios and strikes a chord with a few of your fellow classmates. Suddenly, what started as a sarcastic outburst to relieve some stress evolves into a 30 minute free-for-all rant. While these late night gripe sessions are usually more one-liners and exaggerations than constructive criticism, they often do make a good point.

That's what this post is for; those random things that have nothing to do with anything but are important nonetheless. Whenever you have a topic that you think people ought to talk about, a question that has been troubling you, or an idea that you need help with, this blog is always available. Anytime, day or night. For all the things that don't pertain to another specific post, put it here. And for the things that don't necessarily concern the general student population, you can always email AIAS directly.

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