Monday, September 14, 2009

You Know You Want To...

Breaking news: it appears that a large majority of SoA students are indecisive about becoming a 2009-2010 member of the AIAS! Why? We asked the same question....

"I don't know what the AIAS is about" - said an anonymous first year who allegedly did not attend the first informative AIAS meeting of the year. 

"It seems like a lot of money to not know what I'm paying for." - said one SoA student on a budget. 

Just two of the many concerns among the busy SoA population, we know a lot of students have reason to be unsure. But we are here to ease your worries. 

Why should you join the AIAS? It's simple. "It's not what you know, it's who you know. But really it's who knows you." said a speaker from 2009 Grassroots. 

In our competitive profession, connections with anyone and everyone is extremely vital. You never know if the next architect you hear speak, student you befriend, or mentor you work with might lead to a job opportunity or career changing experience. It's important for you to participate and interact with your peers in studio, but its extremely beneficial to interact with the professional realm as early as you can. AIAS provides these opportunities. 

But this isn't all AIAS is about. It's a community within a community. We participate in recreational events like Kickball, fun competitions such as the cardboard boat race, t-shirt design, or the national cardboard chair design, and amazing forums including this year's South Quad in Savannah, Georgia and Winter Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

"I belong to the AIAS because of the unforgettable trips we take. I met so many amazing students from other architecture schools."

"I belong to the AIAS because I'll get to join the AIA for one free year when I graduate." 

"I belong to the AIAS because of the voice it has in our profession. It's incredible how influential it is."

Those are just a few reasons that some members have joined and continue to be apart of this organization. The AIAS is so much more than any sort of student government organization, its a movement that is molding our generation of architects with our own voices. 

We guarantee that if you join, participate, and take advantage of the opportunities provided, that AIAS will become an organization that is just as significant as your architectural education. 

So let's make sure that this year is one of the best years for AIAS. 

If you have any questions find an officer near you! Remember, membership forms are due September 25th, 2009 and are to be turned in to any officer (must be turned in with check). 

Post Scriptum: Kickball tournament is coming soon. We'll keep you posted on the official date so check the site!


Cherish Rosas

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