Monday, January 11, 2010

Return to the SoA

col-lab-o-rate: 1. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.

We are back, well-slept, and hopefully ready for a new semester here at the SoA. Convocation Part II got us all thinking about our purpose as designers with a lecture on inventive architecture that was made possible through creative collaboration. 

All of us students were packed tightly in Room 110 as we were told how important it is for architects to work together in order to build ideas, learn consistently, and actually get things done and done well. We were all encouraged to take on challenges with an innovative attitude, and for a beginning of semester lecture, it was exactly what we all needed to hear. 

We are still learning what it is to be an architect, a design student, and a team player. We are constantly gaining new knowledge about space, form, materials, and representation. Our minds are always investigating and we should hope this never ceases. 

Architects, creative thinkers, philosophers, writers, artists... we all work as a team within this school. This semester I hope each of us take advantage of our professors and our peers and begin to collaborate daily about everything from program arrangement to representing north on our final drawings. 

We have an amazing studio culture and we should absolutely make the most of it. 

So roll out the trace, empty those prisma markers, and bug your neighbors for design feedback as often as possible. 

Welcome back everyone! I wish you all a creative semester.

Cherish Rosas

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